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Unleash the power of MQA on your toughest problem.

Montague Quality Approach: Services


​In the root cause analysis stage, we deploy a unique blend of logical deduction paired with DOE (Design of Experiments), regression analysis and other statistical methods in sample selection, analysis and confirmation testing. Our approach is largely data fueled and analytical. 

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It's well known among experienced problem solvers that problem definition is a key tenet to a successful problem solving endeavor. Of course, achieving strong problem definition, is a key part of our approach. 

Sometimes lesser known, is the importance of optimizing existing business processes which can help prevent problem recurrence. 

Our approach includes a provision of clarity between two central aspects:

1) problem management, and 2) problem solving (a.k.a. RCA: Root Cause Analysis).

We are well versed in defining and leading both aspects for sophisticated problems to include:

  • Part Quality Problems

  • Other physical process / mechanical problems affecting productivity or efficiency

  • General business process problems

  • Problems of a perplexing nature - those which no one can seem to figure out. 

We utilize 8D, A3 and other structures which your company may prefer as a general framework for managing problems, yet we more rigorously approach the RCA aspect. 

Using quantitative risk management, and effective project management tools, JD Montague & Co. offers a full suite of services to solve, treat and actively strengthen the related systems, making them robust to future problems. 

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There's not exactly a one size fits all approach when it comes to problem solving. We develop a custom tailored strategy to fit the problem at hand.

While each strategy is unique, our guiding principles, discipline, competencies and experience leads us reliably to successful outcomes. 



Where structure meets collaboration.

With decades of experience, our team has the capabilities and expertise to confront your challenges so you can focus on running your business. 

The Montague Quality Approach (MQA) was designed within the existing framework of the industry standard core tools. We align advanced practices within this framework so it is easier for your business to learn and scale. This means we place cross functional participation at the core of our process. Additionally, we take a parallel coaching approach as work hands-on to solve problems. 

We teach what we do and we do what we teach. 



Our approach is synchronized with the latest industry best practices and guidelines. We seek to work in manner that is most effective and efficient for your organization.

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