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Updated: Aug 8, 2021

Is your operation struggling to strike the right balance with its manufacturing processes and non-manufacturing business support processes? How does your Quality Department really serve your organization's value stream? Is that overall process for Quality Assurance efficient and effective, or is it just an expensive cost center? Is that process for Quality Assurance even well established and defined?

If you're concerned with this, JD Montague is & Co. can help. We've carefully crafted a recipe for success which involves having a strong level of definition involving the support we provide.We have our own Key Process Indicators (KPI) which we use to measure the efficiency and effectiveness of our support to your organization. These are carefully customized and adapted once we understand what makes you, our client, unique. We seek to understand the unique challenges affecting your business. And, we work with you to define a successful strategy enabled by our technical support.

To be brutally honest, we don't want your business if we don't deliver value that exceeds our earnings in any given project. With quality related consultancy, we also understand that making the right connection can be tricky. We're confident, however, that you'll find our approach to be different than most.

We look forward to having a discussion with you to understand how we may be able to help your bottom line.

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